July 30, 2022

A 28-day Plan... (It's Not What You Think)

Back in 2020, as part of our lockdown support to RESULTS members, we developed a 28 day plan. Each day was an action. Below is a summary of each day.

Starting with #1, each day read, consider and act.

The following day, move onto #2 and so on. In just 4 weeks, you will have considered more than most when it comes to your goals, your health, and your fitness.


#1: Assemble your tools, write your can do list and contact your social support network.

#2: List the obstacles and barriers in your way - take one and solve it

#3: Have a “Do This” plan for when you don’t want to think

#4: Establish positive triggers and be aware of less positive ones - if this, then that.

#5: The first step is often the most important - take it!

#6: Review your Be Healthy philosophy - what are your foundational beliefs around health and fitness?

#7: Review and reflect to understand how things are going.


#8: Then make your first adjustment to improve your plan of action

#9: Do you start the timer before or after you begin your plank? Find what it takes to maintain your edge.

#10: To progress you need to challenge your body - what can you do today to do so?

#11: Act with purpose

#12: There is always a habit drop off point - expect it, prepare for it and keep going!

#13: What’s your trajectory? Where could you be a year from now?

#14: Think - fat loss and muscle gain philosophies, not the latest diet


#15: Six 15-minute walks over two weeks shows you an efficient, progressive plan is achievable for any of us. You can make a start today.

#16: Prioritise your sleep - do the best you can to optimise it

#17: Consider momentum and how you can affect it - are you going in the direction you want to?

#18: If you’re not making progress, you are likely not working hard enough at the things you need to be working hard at - what are you avoiding?

#19: Sometimes it will be a struggle - don’t stop, movement is the antidote to low motivation,

#20: Optimal nutrition in three words - Quantity, Quality, Flavour

#21: Review and reflect (again) - keep repeatedly doing it!


#22: Keep count of what’s important - pick something you do, review how often you do it. Does it match up with your aspirations?

#23: Review the past three weeks, what will your next week look like?

#24: Don’t climb back down the mountain - carry on, or establish a basecamp to hold your ground. You’ve come a long way

#25: What got you here, is not going to get you there - what’s next?

#26: Every so often, consider your take away points. What have you learned?

#27: Use the mental contrasting technique - imagine your goal and then the obstacles that may be in your way

#28: Give yourself a pat on the back. We talk to ourselves more than we realise. Let’s make it positive. Well done!


As you finish this, remember - keep going, keep learning and keep making time for your health and fitness. Self care is not selfish.

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