July 4, 2022

Review & Reflect.. It's How You Make Progress

Today we are going to discuss an important practice - the ability to review and reflect. To look back at a period of time, and review what happened, why it happened and what the outcomes were.

Now you may have already come across this, and used it before. Often we use it in our professional or academic lives but totally forget to apply this skill set to our health and fitness.

There’s lots of ways to do this but I find these three simple questions can be efficient and effective:

  1. What did you do that went well?
  2. What did you find difficult or frustrating?
  3. What could you do differently next time (and then circle one to three of those that you will take forward)

The process of answering these questions helps us to ensure that we are on track (and having fun doing so).

Think of it like using Google maps or a sat nav, if you are on track and making good progress it updates your estimated time of arrival. If you take a wrong turn or there are roadworks en route, the directions change and your route updates in order for you to get to your destination!

Without those updates you could find yourself sat in traffic needlessly or heading in the completely wrong direction!

Here’s my most recent review and reflect after a recent sprint session where things don’t go according to plan…

Take two minutes today and review and reflect a recent workout, or a period of time. You'll learn more than you think!

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