October 12, 2022

How Triggers Influence Your Behaviour & Impact Your Fitness Goals

A trigger is something that prompts an action.

When it comes to health and fitness, triggers can work for, and against us. A few examples…

AGAINST… Feeling hungover so you eat unhealthy food. Being hungover is the trigger for an almost automatic reaction of the overeating of unhealthy food.

FOR… having a foam roller out, in plain view, so you use it.

AGAINST… not knowing what exercise to do, so you don’t do anything (we solved that one at RESULTS, focus on showing up and your coach takes care of the rest)

FOR… Seeing the fruit bowl out on the side, so you snack on fruit rather than biscuits

So what can you do to help yourself day to day?

Remember, well placed positive triggers, and being aware of other triggers, can help reduce how much willpower you need to use day to day. This will nudge you towards healthy habits!

The next step is to think about your day and see how many triggers you have in your life, and then what actions happen because of them! A trigger may prompt one, two or even more actions.

Divide a piece of paper into three, write your triggers down the middle, and then to the right, write down positive actions, and to the left, write less positive actions that result from those triggers.

Here's a few of mine...

Once you’ve got this list you can see if you can change or adjust your home set up, routine or something else to help you to move towards more positive routines!

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