Joseph Lightfoot


Dr Joseph Lightfoot is the Founder of RESULTS inc and has coached thousands of workouts. Over the last decade he has coached everyone from complete beginners to athletes at World Championships with their health, fitness and performance goals.

He is a contributing expert to the national press, in publications such as The Guardian, The Observer and Men's Health. He has also published research and been part of the Physical Activity Expert Group at the Department of Health.

He spends his time coaching and working behind the scenes to bring you the most consistent and productive workouts in Didsbury.

His current fitness goal is to run the 100m consistently under 12 seconds (current best of 11.9 in 2023) and triple jump over 13m


Didsbury Q&A

Q. Where's your favourite place to eat in Didsbury?

A. Tough choice! I've always been a fan of Rudy's, especially anything on the special's menu!

Q. Other than gym workouts, do you do any other exercise?

A. I love to run, and just near the gym is a great hill along the Poppy Path, which is a great place to do sprint repeats

Q. Where's your favourite place in Didsbury?

A. I really like the vibe in Didsbury Library, I find it a great place to read and study