“2021 continues to challenge us, but we believe that more than ever, exercise, a safe place to go, and a community of people who genuinely care is important.”
Dr Joseph Lightfoot
“2021 continues to challenge us, but we believe that more than ever, exercise, a safe place to go, and a community of people who genuinely care is important.”
Dr Joseph Lightfoot

At the heart of the RESULTS ETHOS, are a few deeply held beliefs:

  • Expert coaching works
  • Self care is not selfish
  • Regular exercise should be a happy part of a healthy life
  • Everyone needs someone in their corner to help them stay active, healthy and on track
  • A partnership focused on you, your goals and how you want to achieve them is a two way street

How does this happen?

We have two gyms in South Manchester, and through our remote support option, we have coached people as far afield as Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to help people exercise with the same achievable workout plans that you will experience during your 5 taster workouts with a coach.

In short, we help people to show up, stay safe, have fun and make progress. We feel our members sum it up quite well too...

In 2012, before RESULTS was a real place that you could visit and workout, I wrote down everything I knew about gyms and realised that:

  • Most gyms are not focused on the customer, and because of this they deliver mediocre results or simply none at all
  • Most personal trainers can only help a limited amount of people and at a cost that is unrealistic to most.
  • Most classes and bootcamps are too rigid for most people’s variable schedules and fitness needs
  • Most online videos (and later fitness apps) are lacking in community and don’t have present coaching to give real-time feedback, motivation and support
  • Most people feel intimidated, anxious or unsure of what to do when it comes to exercise, and because of this either stop, or hurt themselves (or both!)

We decided that we wanted to:
  • Deliver proactive healthcare built on community and support, in a flexible, enjoyable format which people can stick to for the long term
  • Deliver it as a monthly subscription model with the member/coach relationship in mind, meaning the conversation about money only happens once, and the rest of the focus is on your needs and success planning
  • Create something that blended all the best bits of current fitness models into one special combination, paying specific attention to the impact of coaching, the motivation and atmosphere created in a group environment and accessibility

RESULTS has grown a lot since then!

In 2014 we delivered over 5000 workouts. The more we worked with people the more we saw the impact exercise and support could have.

While we expanded to new sites, we continually worked to improve how we did things. We tried new ideas (some worked, and some didn’t!). We worked with several sports teams at European and World championships. Alongside all this, I was part of the Physical Activity Expert Group at the Department of Health, advising on physical activity guidelines for children, adult and pregnant women and how to communicate these guidelines.

When I say I love, live and am passionate about exercise, workouts and helping people achieve their goals, I really mean it!

By 2019 we’d delivered over 40,000 sessions in one year, and passed the 100,000 workout milestone (that's a lot of squats and press ups!)


Despite the challenges of lockdown, closed gyms and everything else going on, we have carried on working. We realise that during a crisis, health and fitness are more important than ever. It keeps us going, it gives us energy and helps to look after our mental health.

Our aim has been simple - to be there for everyone at RESULTS, be that for a workout or a cup of tea and a chat on Zoom. Our workout plans have been spread further afield helping member’s relatives, colleagues and friends. We have been asked to support people suddenly working from home, and stuck inside without access to their gym, which is not only a place to workout, but a place to relax and practice self care.

While the how changed, the reason to exercise didn’t - we do it because it helps us stay healthy, happy and enjoy life.

During the pandemic we released over 1000 workout videos, conducted hundreds of Zoom workouts, and launched The RESULTS Show, a Q&A podcast which has answered over 150 fitness questions. We also performed another hundred goal setting and problem solving 1-2-1s and generally tried our very best to look after people during an incredibly busy and stressful time.

2021 continues to challenge us, but we believe that more than ever, exercise, a safe place to go, and a community of people who genuinely care, is important.

Our philosophy is focused on the core concept of Fit Together, which rings true more than ever.

Whoever you are, and wherever you read this I hope that you are enjoying your exercise. I hope it’s a productive, fulfilling part of your life.

If we can help you take steps forward, achieve a new goal or simply find your exercise spark again then please reach out to us.

Dr Joseph Lightfoot