July 30, 2022

A technique to help increase your chance of success

We want to share with you a skill. It’s called mental contrasting.

Studies have shown that performing this technique (which requires nothing more than you to sit and think) will improve your chance of future success through increased motivation.

Sounds good right? Well here it is!

Step 1

Think about a realistic goal you’d like to achieve. Once you’ve decided on that goal, close your eyes and imagine it happening, picture yourself succeeding.

For example, for a sub-4 minute 1km row time you’d imagine being sat on the rower, breathing heavy, legs burning but looking at the rower screen and seeing the digits 3:59. Your RESULTS coach is jumping around shouting well done. You might be in a world of pain at this moment but you also just achieved your goal. YES!

Take a few moments to really transport yourself to that place. What will you see? How will you feel? What is happening?

Step 2

Now imagine what the obstacles will be between you and achieving that goal. Spend a few moments reviewing each obstacle and imagine them as deeply as you can.

For example, someone aiming to run twice per week would imagine looking out the window and seeing torrential rain falling down, a pile of work on their desk or lots of emails in their inbox stopping them from getting up. They may imagine their partner asking them if they want a glass of wine and a takeaway just as they’re about to put their trainers on. Their running buddy cancels and so on…

Who or what is going to get in your way? What does that look like? Feel like? Don’t rush over negative aspects, take some time to see them for what they truly are.

And that’s it!

As with many things we learn about (read more in the book The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle), learning a new skill is great but it’s ACTUALLY DOING IT which makes a difference to your life, your goals and your success.

So take a few moments now and give this skill a go, right now!

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