May 27, 2021

Fun & Engaging Workouts at RESULTS inc

We spend a lot of time at RESULTS thinking about how to make workouts as fun and engaging as possible. When you are having fun then it’s often easier to push on, easier to tackle tough exercises or set a new personal best.

As a team we recently discussed what we could do to influence workouts - of course, it takes both sides to make a truly great workout - both the member and the coach have to engage. But our responsibility is to set the tone, be guides and help achieve the best possible workout we can, at that specific time.

Here’s what we came up with!

  1. Always look a member in the eye - meaning - for every member, every workout you connect with them. Notice them and act on it!
  1. Always say hello and welcome a member with a smile
  1. Bring workout buddies together - make introductions between members and create friendships
  1. Use members names to show you know them personally
  1. Be a #GameChanger - offer specific coaching cues, upgrades and ways they can improve - especially to long time/advanced RESULTS members - show them value and your expertise
  1. Keep it fresh, interesting and be excited by their presence and workout. Make the member feel special!
  1. Do not neglect the quiet competent members - find them and actively engage in a way they find useful. It’s their session, not yours.
  1. Refer back to goals and set new and updated goals as required. Give each workout a purpose
  1. Use key personalities in the gym to build the atmosphere
  1. Pick great music that matches the members in training

We’d love to hear your suggestions! How can we make your workouts even more fun and engaging?

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