June 21, 2022

The Power Of The First Adjustment

When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, an all important question is; how can you make a progression? 

It starts with making the first adjustment. 

This sounds simple but it is often the thing missing when I speak to people who aren’t making any progress. 

An adjustment. Not a complete change of course, or an overhaul of your lifestyle. But an adjustment. And as we know, the smaller the adjustment the more likely you are to do it. 

You can’t expect to change if you don’t change.

Below is a table of three adjustments and the impact a small daily adjustment has over a month and a year

A table of example adjustments

We all underestimate the power a small change of direction can have when compounded by time. 

What we think of as insignificant daily actions, that in themselves don’t do very much, actually become much bigger than that! 

So what adjustment will you make?

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