June 28, 2022

Be Ready For The Lull (And What You Can Do About It)

We need to discuss the importance of not stopping.

Every action we take for our health and fitness takes time to embed and become a habit.

Initially we have motivation, or novelty or excitement to ensure we do this action. As with most things, the pay off is not instantaneous. We have to keep eating a bit less before seeing the pounds drop off, we need to keep showing up for our workouts before we see our fitness improve.

Where you have to be mindful is that there is a period of time in which the novelty, excitement, new action motivation is dropping, while the results and progression are yet to show up. This lull can be dangerous. This lull can be where we drop off, stop or get distracted.

This lull is what stops most people from ever making a meaningful change.

For some actions, this lull window is small. A couple of stretching sessions and you’ll notice your movement improve. Going for a walk every day can help you mental wellbeing and physical health within a week (or sometimes that same day!). You get rewarded early and this helps keep you going!

Gaining muscle, getting leaner, quitting smoking, learning to enjoy vegetables all take a bit longer. It might be a month or more until you see your habits change or your body adapt.

So what can you do?

Be mindful. If you know something is coming then you won’t be surprised when it shows up. If you find yourself getting a bit fed up or getting distracted then recognise that, and stay the course.

This is where your willpower is needed. Your support network called upon. You can do this.

Your reward for pushing through this lull is optimised habits, progress and a sense of achievement.

Apply what you’ve learned and you’ll see yourself through a lull. If you need any additional help then reach out to someone - a friend, family member or your coach.

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