November 26, 2022

The Results Reading Club Issue #3

The Results Reading Club Issue #3

New interesting reads, every month

I love to read, and I often find myself surrounded by avid readers. Which is excellent. I have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some excellent recommendations in recent months.  Not just those related to fitness and food, but also fantastic stories and books on all sorts of topics. 

Here’s the best of a selection of recent reads. Enjoy! 

Silent Earth by Dave Goulson

We often just think about the food on our plate when we consider nutrition and our fitness goals. But what needs to exist for us to have food? Well, insects for one. Without them nature, the world, our food ecosystem looks a lot different. A great book, but frightening.

Taste by Stanley Tucci

I've been really enjoying the TV series, partially linked to this book, Searching for Italy. This book isn't quite a good, but it's well worth a read. Part memoir, part cook book, it captures even more stories and great recipes.

Carbon Almanac by Assorted Authors

I'm not sure how they managed to cram so much info about climate change and associated topics into one volume, but they have. Not one to read cover to cover, but if you want to learn more and need a resource, this is it.

The Advice Trap by Bungay Stanier

Us coaches like the sound of own voice. We like to shout, direct, and well, coach! However, the more I practice and study coaching the more I realise keeping quiet, staying curious and listening, often moves the coaching partnership with a member forwards. This book explains how. A great read for coaches, leaders, managers and anyone who wants to have engaging relationships in their life.

The Montessorri Baby by Simone Davies

Since my daughter was born, I've read quite a few parenting books (frantically on occasion!) and this is one of my favourites. With strong similarities to coaching, this methodology really made sense, supporting a little human to develop, grow and explore.

Have you read any good books? Let me know!


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The Results Reading Club Issue #3

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