August 21, 2022

A Simple, Progressive, Low Impact Fitness Plan (That Anyone Can Do)

Dropping off, quitting, slowing down, it can happen to any of us and sometimes when it does, it’s right. It’s important to know what to stop and when.

However for some of our health and fitness goals, not stopping - carrying on in spite of dwindling motivation, difficult challenges or other pressures, is very, very important.

Today I want to give you a short plan. It consists of six simple sessions, which you’ll complete over the next two weeks.

It’s also an actionable plan, and one that can fit in alongside the things you are already doing.


I came across this plan when reading about the training of Allyson Felix - who is one of the most decorated female track and field stars of the last 20 years. She’s won numerous Olympic and World Championship medals.

Her coach, Barry Ross is known as an innovator and this is a fitness training plan which he supposedly used with Allyson during her training (this may or may not be true, depending on what you read).

This plan is to build base level fitness WITHOUT disrupting any other training. As we know, too many workouts, too often, can actually cause a detrimental effect, as we don’t allow our bodies to recover.

The plan is simple. Three 15-minute walks a week. That’s six 15-minute walks over the next two weeks.

Your goal, and this is the simplicity but also the beautiful thing about this mini plan, is each walk you have to work further than the previous walk. You can’t run or jog. You have to walk.

Going a little further each walk is more of a challenge than you will think.

But it’s amazing!

You can do this 15-minute segment as part of a longer walk you do, or you can use it as a warm up before a full workout.

Just get the walks done and go a little further each time.

Track how far how you go with your smart watch, phone or simply use the same route each time and walk as far away as you can in 7.5 minutes, turn around and make it back home in the 7.5 minutes that remain. Aim to get further away each time.

This plan is SO simple, that you may overlook it. Often the most effective things are.

Don’t. Give it a go and report back.

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